Seriously? Where did the time go?

Last night I headed over to the dog pound to get my workout in. I didn’t really work out all fall because school took up so much time that I couldn’t continue with crossfit. I was seriously sad. Nidia, Katie, and I headed out to the pound where we met my friends Stacy and Theresa. I had Nidia and Katie a little freaked out, I think. It wasn’t that bad, I think. Or maybe I just didn’t work hard enough. I’m not sore today, but sometimes the muscle soreness comes on a bit later.

It’s really Friday?

I’m glad and I’m sad it’s Friday. Fridays make me feel like I have SO much to do before the weekend comes because I want my weekend to be relaxing. I want my bathrooms to be clean. Those two are related somehow.

I’ve been doing a new Bible reading plan. You can find out about it here. I can’t explain it any better than that site. I can’t say I’ve been super duper consistent, but I’m okay with that because I know I’m being more consistent than I was before.

Ugh. My head hurts today and I can’t think very clearly. So pray for me, if you would. I need a clear mind.