I found that quote in Relevant Magazine. I had never seen that magazine before, but I had heard about it in the blogosphere. I was sitting by a warm fire in a room full of people I barely know. I was flipping through this magazine that made me feel instantly a little more hip when I came across the quote above: “Integrity is built over years, but lost in an instant.” Ouch! I felt a stab. I’ve seen it happen in this past year and it hurts. We see it in headlines often enough. Some well-known person has done great things or led an upstanding life then we learn of his humanity. We find that he has chosen to sin and maybe even continued in that sin for a while before it came out, whether by confession or by getting caught. We say things like, “Wow…and he seemed like such a good man.” Then, we judge him and suddenly anything he has ever done becomes null and void. A life time of good choices are eclipsed by a season of bad ones.

Proverbs tells us that a wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman tears it down.

Have you ever played Jenga? You carefully build a tower of rectangular wooden blocks. Then one by one you remove blocks from somewhere within the tower and stack it on the very top, all the while making sure it doesn’t topple over. It takes careful planning. It’s not a quick paced game, by any means. One wrong move and it all topples down. That’s what that integrity quote reminds me of.

It takes time to build a home, but a bulldozer can take it down in a moment. Ok. A bulldozer is a big thing, how about a spark from a lit candle?

I don’t have any declarations to make here. I  just know that I want to walk in the Truth. I don’t want to continue to make choices that unravel what has taken years to knit together.