11:42 p.m. – 18 minutes to write, edit, and post my blog entry for the day.

I had these great plans to edit dinner photos and get them online. My friend Nidia made a great dinner for us. Pupusas. Yum.

But guess what? I’m too tired to deal with my photos right now. I’ve spent time working on some long overdue photo projects and researching for a meeting I have tomorrow morning.

This has been an incredible day. The other day I said I am blessed; I stand by that today. Only I think I’m more blessed than I can even recognize.

By 12:04 today I was showered and ready for the day. I had read my ten chapters in the Bible, written in my journal, and had breakfast. My bathroom is cleaner this evening than it was when I woke up. My house is reasonably tidy. There is still laundry to be folded, but the dishwasher is running and I’m about to switch over laundry so that Ireland can wear her favorite pair of black pants in the morning.

I went to my friend’s house for lunch and prayer. We talked about the effects of adoption. Christopher is the only one in my house that is not adopted. He is probably a little more stable than the rest of us. Adoption, though a great thing, is also a very difficult thing. It was a good conversation. I’ll have more typeable thoughts on the subject of adoption later, I’m sure.

It is almost midnight and I should be heading to bed. I plan on rising early to start my day. I have my ideal for early, but I pretty much mean at least 15 minutes before I need to wake my kids. I’m setting low standards these days. Makes them easier to reach.