Food Goodness

Last night Nidia and 2 of her boys were hanging out over here while the kids played together. I have pictures of them playing pretend, too. Why is it that someone or everyone in their “skits” end up dying? Then they suddenly come back to life as someone different!

Anyway, I was in the kitchen when Nidia asks if I have cheese, pork, bean, masa. Yes, no, yes, no. She heads home to get what she needs to make pupusas. It’s an El Salvadorean specialty and it just so happens that my friend, Nidia, is from El Salvador. These were good. They were so good that I was sure I wouldn’t be hungry for breakfast this morning.

I was wrong about that last part.

2 thoughts on “Food Goodness

    1. Then I think you need to dress more hispanic like! Just so you know, you are NOT that pale in real life. Now I’m thinking of re-editing and re-posting this blog.

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