Well, I almost missed my post a day entry, but Nidia encouraged me to do it anyway. Although, I’m not sure “encouraged” is the right word. She’s trilingual and somehow that makes me cool and I’ll never tire of telling people that about her.

So, today I read a prompt somewhere asking about why we started blogging. So, I went back to the beginning of one of my blogs to read it. It was about me being a wife and a mama. I was homeschooling my sweet Christopher. We went on impromptu turkey chasings in the back field. Then one day, it all changed. I write about getting 3 more kids. It was odd to read about that transition. I remember getting really tired of hearing my name called every moment of the day. I wasn’t used to the noise. I’m still not used to the noise, but I certainly appreciate the quiet times better.

I didn’t get my Bible reading in today as I had planned. I had time. I just didn’t. As the evening wore on I could feel a difference in my emotions from not doing so. Tracy and I were talking about this today and came to the conclusion that it’s because we begin to focus on our own self. When I keep in the Word, I don’t focus on me.

I have 2 minutes to finish this up.

Nidia and I are going make up shopping for her tomorrow night.
Saturday night brings improv fun with friends and snacks. Oh, and telling our friend goodbye for a few months while he’s in Zambia.
Sunday brings a girls night with Katie and Nidia. Looking forward to it.

Lack of links and lack of photos due to lack of time.

Peace Out.