…or alternately titled,”Looking Back and Forth”, forth meaning ahead. So, this morning I woke up thinking about the past week and the future week. Thinking about arranging attending a farewell party to my good friend, hosting a potluck later this week, having kids home on Monday, trying to think of dealing with my sad financial state, emails I need to send….wait, isn’t today the day I’m setting aside to rest? Does that mean rest my head as well? How do you not think about things that need to happen?

Sometimes I feel like there’s a spotlight on me from above and that all I can see is what’s in that light. Everything beyond it is in darkness. I can only take a few steps at a time and I try to be careful in where I place those steps. I wonder if I can narrow that spotlight on me. I wonder if I can make it smaller so that I deal with only for today? I’m taking the big boy into ballet and I have some grocery shopping to do. I need to make some snacks for tonight’s shindig over at the school. Three of my friends are doing improv and our friend Levi is heading to Zambia for a few months. If I’m organized enough I can do that project in my head that would bless Levi, but I can’t explain it and I don’t want to because that would take too much brain power.

Christopher just told Sage that all chipmunks are boys and that’s why they bite. If you’re bitten by a chipmunk then you become a chipmunk. Dusty says, “That’s not true, what about the Chippettes?” Christopher tells her that the Chippettes aren’t real.

I really wanted to sleep in today for a very long time and I have to say that I’m slightly crabby. I don’t get my shower this morning because Dusty took one and somehow she manages to use all the hot water every time and Christopher needs to shower before ballet. I want to complain right now, but I won’t. Wait? Is that complaining? I’m not sure.

Choose Joy. Just like I choose to Love sometimes. Just like I choose to do my dishes and my laundry.

So, here’s to a boring blog post and a good Saturday. I will not stress. I will choose 3 things I must get done and do them. I will not worry about the rest of the week.

I will enjoy the day.

One step at a time.