Just finished watching Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. I knew what the ending would be, but I underestimated the sadness I would feel as a result. I need to watch something else now, but I feel like I’ve already wasted the day away.

Yesterday was a long day. It ended with a night of improv acting with a group of friends. I didn’t participate, but I did take pictures. It was really funny.

I think a lot about rest. What does it mean, how can I get it, what does it look like in my life? We Americans are so preoccupied all of the time. We are busy. We multitask like crazy. I multitask and sometimes I do it pretty well, but other times I think I just do a whole lot of things poorly. Focus is not my forte. When I set myself to a task I’d rather not do it takes a lot of mental energy to keep myself on that task. Having a list helps, but I tend to make really long and unrealistic lists so that I am already set up for failure. There’s nothing worse than going to bed feeling like a failure because I didn’t finish the 25 very important projects on my list. I’m beginning to understand the importance of carving out time for myself. I don’t mean time for myself as in treating myself and being only about myself. I do mean being absolutely sure that I spend that time with God; that my spirit is being renewed each day. Being productive energizes me, but it has to be a certain kind of productive. It has to serve my home, by business, or my Jesus. The hard part is discerning what the important things are. What is of eternal value?

How do you figure that out?

Seek Him. Find Him. Love Him.   Then do it again.