My day began by waking up.

But this time I woke up and remembered the dream I was having. There was something dark and sinister about it. I woke up feeling a little afraid and very much in a hurry to complete what I needed to get done. I wondered if I should tell my friend. Last time this happened it apparently spoke to my friend. I decided not to. I decided to just keep it to myself and hope it will be forgotten. It’s about 15 hours later and I’ve not forgotten it.

I read my Bible then had devotions with the kids. They groan about getting out of bed early, but they are glad that when we do devotions together as a family.

A sadness has covered me these past few days. I think it’s loneliness…from being alone. Yet, not really alone.

I’m hosting a dinner with 20 people over here on Thursday. That will be fun.

I read a blog that made me feel better about not measuring up to the shiny happy blogs I read. Maybe I should stop reading those blogs.

I don’t have much to say today. It feels like it’s been a very very long day. For being such a long day you’d think my house would be tidier.

My good friend Levi is leaving for Zambia tomorrow. I will miss him. A lot. I don’t know why this time feels different. He’s left before and he’s always come back.

My kids will miss him. He is fun and silly and full of creativity. He is growing in Jesus and wise at heart.