That’s how I feel today. Right now.

Full belly. Potluck. Pupusas. Burritos. Lasagna. Salad. Red Velvet Cake. Red Velvet Cake. I said it twice cuz I had 2 pieces. Sort of.

20 people here including 7 kids under 12. It was loud and fun. I think most of the people had fun.

I skipped out on exercising. Gonna have to get back into that groove. I do have some videos that I love to do. Or I used to love to do them. I need to start wearing my brace for my foot at night so the plantar fasciitis doesn’t hurt so much.

Full. Had a great time with friends. Had a full house. Have a full dishwasher. Thanks friends for cleaning up. (Though I am under the impression that the men should clean up. I think that’ll be a new rule.)

Full. Had a good talking to with a friend today. Set me straight. Pulled me out of my slump. Reminded me who I am and what Jesus did for me.

I didn’t pull out of that slump right away and if it weren’t for this potluck I wouldn’t have been motivated to do so. I got up and started taking care of my home the way I’m supposed to.

And. I made my laundry detergent. That’s so awesome. I love doing things like that.

Full of laughter. Been instant messaging with Nidia while I looked up Stryper videos on YouTube. Took me back to 1987. Big hair and for me, big earrings. Silliness, I tell ya.

My brain is fried. I wanted to post some photos from tonight, but I’m too tired.


Hasta luego, amigos!