One word has come up in my conversations more times in these past couple of years than in my entire life. Two words, actually. Sabbath and Rest.

Slowing down. Resting. Those are things I find difficult to do until a migraine forces me into bed. Last time I had a really bad migraine I was lying in bed telling my friend how much I had to do and how much I was hurting. My phone was removed from me and my children were instructed to not bother me. I slept so deeply that night.

We were supposed to go out to 5 Rock Ranch this weekend, but Ireland woke up with a fever Friday morning so I cancelled those plans. The kids were supposed to see Kelly on Saturday, but he caught the flu and couldn’t see them. Normally I would freak out at the thought of my plans changing. I don’t do well with change. I’m not spontaneous at all! However, as these things were happening I was a little relieved. I was like, “Well good. The Taylor Tribe can just hunker down this weekend and be.” I didn’t have to get anybody packed or ask my friend to take care of my animals. I didn’t have to figure out transportation for ballet. I could just rest at home. I saw this as a blessing, not an upset to my perfect plan.

A few weeks ago I came across something in the book “Abba’s Child-The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging” by Brennan Manning. This book is all about the Father’s love for us and the chapter is called, “The Pharisee and the Child”. I didn’t expect this to come up, but it changed how I viewed the Sabbath. Manning writes that resting from work on the Sabbath was secondary, but that the day was a memorial day of creation, meant to worship of adoration and thanksgiving for all God’s goodness. The sentence that really got me was, “A rest from preoccupation with money, pleasure, and all creature comforts meant getting a proper perspective in relation to the Creator.” (emphasis mine) That word, “preoccupation” stuck out to me. I’m always thinking of how to manage my money, how to do something fun, how to find time for this or for that. I don’t know how to just be. I kept reading further along in the book, but every day I came back to that section about the Sabbath.

So, on Friday when I realized my plans were changing I didn’t get upset. I figured that God has a better plan laid out for me than I did. I decided that I would choose to NOT think about the things that bring me stress. I also decided that the computers would stay off most of the day. Christopher had ballet so that left me time to run some errands and take Ginger to the dog park. She loved it. Then I came home I made beans, salsa, and tortillas after we had a lunch of home made chicken noodle soup. My friend Nidia came over with her boys and Ian joined us for dinner. The kids played so well today. I think having clean(er) bedrooms help a lot. It’s a work in process, but everyday we’re gaining ground.

Today was a great day. Friends. Family. Feasting. Fun. What could be better?