If you were a fly on my wall you would have found me diligently sorting a basket of papers into separate piles: bills, debt, library, bank, taxes, and “I don’t know what to do with you”. I was feeling pretty good about it even though I had just balanced my checkbook and the outcome looked bleak. My pile of bills is larger than my pile of money. All was going well. I had my list made out & I was on a roll. I got dinner made early and did my 15 minutes of de-cluttering for the day.

Then it happened.

Tidy up time. Arguing mouths pretending to not know what they were just told to do then blaming me for them just standing there. Discipline. More jobs. Tears and more blaming. I can feel myself wearing thin.

I call for my boy who was supposed to be in the backyard with a new friend. He’s not there. He’s wandered off, I call him back.

Homework. Helping a little one with her math. Telling the older one to practice the multiplication flash cards. Younger boy sent to his room to practice 15 minutes of reading. Tears, yelling at me, and whining. I’m pretending to be patient. I put it on like a coat that doesn’t quite button up. I sigh. Find last week’s homework in the boy’s backpack. I never knew he even had that each week because he never gives them to me.

Time for dinner. They move on to playing games and saying things like, “Would you rather live in a water bottle or in paper?” I chose water bottle, I think. I don’t know why. It was just the first thing that came to mind.

The piles are still waiting for me. I didn’t get as far as I had hoped and now I am tired. I take Sage to boy scouts then head to a meeting. Get back around 8 then kids do their bedtime routine and get to bed. Christopher gets home from ballet at 8:30 and then will want to eat and chat.

The piles will still be waiting.

My day does not feel like I have accomplished much.

My laundry is caught up, my dishes are done, the house is generally tidy, you can see the floor in the girls’ room, and my bed is made. I didn’t stay in my jammies all day. So, I guess the day isn’t totally lost.

And now, for your enjoyment…
things I find lurking in the kitchen late at night