I want to spend less time on my computer. Specifically, I want to spend less time on the internet and I’ve begun to begrudge the fact that pretty much all of my life is organized on my computer somehow or in my phone. I will be selling my iPhone soon. Recently when I was reviewing my life I was asking the Lord what things were idols to me. Idols being defined as anything that ties up my time by taking me away from or replacing God or my time with Him. My iPhone is a handy little thing, but honestly I can spend my Angry Birds time reading a book.

So, coming upon this realization I decided I needed to start carrying around a little calendar of sorts. I like to write things down. In fact, I LOVE the act of writing things. I love journaling, making lists, jotting down thoughts. There is something healing about taking pen to paper. I also love decorating such things. If you had a peek into my Bible you’d find all sorts of colorings and doodles.

I was recently given a beautiful journal by my good friend and I decided I would make that into my day planner sort of thing. I’ll still have my bigger brain binder at home that has detailed cleaning lists and household stuff, but this is one I can carry around in my really cool L.A. purse. It can fulfill the place of planner and random note taking thought jotting sort of book. Last night I got out my scrapbooking paper, stamps, and glue to begin my project. I even broke out the glue gun. I’m very excited about it because I love to create things and this is meant to be a work in progress. It’s ok if I never feel like it’s finished because it really isn’t supposed to be something that’s finished before I start using it.

I don’t like how technology has taken over so much of my life, but  I do like the convenience of it. I think I will be less stressed and distracted when I can put my thoughts on paper.

Here is the beginning of my work. I just finished stamping in all the dates for the monthly calendars. I’d like to have a week-at-a-glance sort of thing going on from here on out, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to design that. I also have a big calendar on our fridge so that everybody can see it. Hopefully they’ll learn to look at the calendar before they ask what we’re doing on such-and-such day.