Aren’t those beautiful animals? Especially the wonky looking bear? He’s the best!!!! All four of those gorgeous mammals were in the hospital recently and I, the doctor, finally got around to fixing them. Now let me tell you, this is such a rare occurence that at one point all four children were in my room observing me. Donald Duck is the fortunate one, he has not been in the hospital for long. He belongs to Sage. Sock monkey belongs to Ireland and well, he has been in there for a LONG time. I think she may have gotten him for her birthday…in 2009. She recently took him to show and tell with only one arm. Later that day she came to me crying because his other arm had fallen off. I started laughing really hard. She frowned at me and cried harder, which made me laugh harder, which made her cry, which made me laugh. I know. I’m horrible. It just struck me as funny. The other 2 animals are mine. I’m not particularly fond of the crochet monkey. I’ve just had him for so long. My mom bought him for me. I think that’s why he sticks around. My bear..well, he deserves his very own paragraph.

This bear. His name is…well, I love him so much that there is no name good enough for him. I remember clinging to him when I was so very little. He has a wind up music box inside, but the music box no longer works. When I was a wee lass my daddy would wind him up for me. When the music stopped I would yell, “DAAAAAAAAAADYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” Then a little louder I’d yell his name again. He would come to me all grumpy like, “Alright, but I’m not going to do this again.” That would happen about three times until my mom said she’d come in and spank me if I called for him one more time. I’d hear her sigh, “Dammit Morris” every time he returned to the living room. It’s one of my favorite memories. I remember when I was little enough to sit in his chair with him in the front room. I loved that it was me and dad. I loved that I would run around the house trying to hide from him when he came home from work and he’d say, “I don’t know where she is.” It occurs to me now that he must have been very tired, but still he played my games. Not always, and usually in his grumpy way, but he did it. Oh wait, this post isn’t about my dad, it’s about my bear. So, back to bear. He was held tightly in my arms when my mom died and for the years of nightly crying myself to sleep. When a few years after that I shipped off to a summer program at a college and I felt so alone and left out, my bear was there. (Shipped off isn’t exactly accurate. It was 20 minutes from home and I went home every weekend.) It is suffice to say that my bear has always been there. He has made every move with me. He has been waiting for years to get mended. I couldn’t fix his music box so I just re-stuffed him and sewed him up. He is now safely tucked into my bed. With me.

I felt like such a great mom when I did that mending. I also mended a pair of Christopher’s pants. It was amazing. I actually did it before he grew out of them!

So, after that awesome day of awesomeness I had 2 hot dates and came down with the flu.

The first date was with my girl Cecelia. I haven’t seen in her in so very long. She’s living a grown up’s life now. We went up to Portland to a creole restaurant. The name currently evades me and the pictures I took were subpar, but the food was really good. Very greasy, but very good. Then we went out for ice cream afterwards. She’s a great date.

Then Saturday night I my girl, Tracy, was my date to our friend’s birthday party. What a fun party. We 80’s danced way into the night. Truth be told, I’ve never danced at a bar or been to a club, but this was super fun.

Sunday: I leave church early because I don’t feel well and that leaves me in bed for days. Yesterday I had to take Christopher to ballet and run a few errands in the evening and that was alright. Today I’m up, but not very productive and I’m looking forward to a nap, though I’m sad that I’m not going to reach some of my weekly goals. Tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend is upon us again. I missed out on so much from being sick.

I did rest, though. Lots of rest going on here and that’s a good thing.