I made a sourdough starter the other day. It made me feel so domestic. I used to have one that I kept for years, but I’m not sure what happened to it. Tonight I prepared batter to have sourdough pancakes in the morning. I hope they’re a hit. Later this week I’ll be making a loaf of sourdough french bread. It’s going to be lovely. I really enjoy baking bread. It’s on my top 5 lists of things that make me happy.

Today went by really fast. The kids and I slept in; didn’t even have breakfast until after 10, then had lunch around 12:30, and then we all had a quiet time. Their dad came to visit for a few hours so after balancing my money I went into Salem. I bought a couple of really cute baby girl outfits for my friends’ babies. It’s so adorable. I never had that chance to buy baby girl clothes. One of the outfits was only $1.80 at TJ Maxx. What a steal, eh?

Rachel met me at the store then took me over to a place called Brick for a fabulous burger and garlic rosemary steak fries. I love her. We can talk about any and everything and she still loves me. Wish we could get together more often.

Now I want some ice cream, but I’m so full. One kid is in bed, the other 3 are watching something on the computer in my room, and I’m about to settle in to watch Fringe and Bones.

Oh, and my puppy is throwing the ball at me. I think she wants to play with me.