Before Kelly left in 2008 I would carve out one hour a week after the kids went to bed to spend special time with one child. So, each month they’d each get one night. Then summer came and I had 3 kids in sports + ballet. I was worn out and we often didn’t get home from games until after 8 pm. Then Kelly and I completely fell apart and so did that time with the kids. I had nothing to give. Looking back I wonder if perhaps I should’ve just sucked it up and fumbled  my way through it. Quite honestly, it’s all a blur now. Anyway, after a long long long time and after the kids have asked and asked and asked to have their night back again, I have decided that I will do this again. I scheduled it before telling them about it. I only commit to 30-60 minutes. I used to have a rule that we couldn’t watch anything as “our” time, but that rule is not in effect for Christopher. We won’t always watch something, but it’s alright if we do. Tonight was Dusty’s night. I began to teach her to hand quilt like I learned all those years ago. I am not the most patient person in the world and she is not the easiest to teach. I realized that this could be very good for us. She will learn to do careful work and I will be reminded that it took me years to finish my first quilt because I kept messing up on it. I started her on her quilt square as I revived mine from over a year ago. I already made a mistake by not being careful in my cutting.