I love to watch Castle. It has Nathan Fillion whom I also loved in Firefly. Castle is a about an mystery author who shadows a police detective. I also love reading suspense & mysteries. The show is quirky…and I happen to like quirky things and people. The most recent episode is about a guy who wins the lottery. He ends up dead, this is a murder mystery show, after all. Castle asks everyone what they would do if they won a million bucks. Long after the show is over I’m still thinking about all the things I would do with a million bucks.

Here’s a few things that ran through my head:

  • I’d give money to several of my friends doing different ministries
  • pay off my house
  • pay off all our debt
  • find a financial planner endorsed by Dave Ramsey
  • pay someone to finish my house
  • landscape my yard
  • maybe remodel my kitchen
  • turn the garage into something else
  • get rid of broken furniture and replace it with something awesome
  • fence my yard so my dog can play outside and not run away
  • but wait, maybe i’d finish this house, rent it out and build a new house
  • ooh, if I did that I’d buy 2 lots and put in a pool
  • I’d fix the window in my van
  • get a complete tune up
  • and buy a toyota sienna, cuz the commercials are dope
  • although I’d feel way cooler in a VW
  • I’d help fun film and music of my friends
  • I’d get an awesome hair style and the tools to keep it that way
  • I’d do a complete wardrobe over haul for all of us
  • I’d pay someone to bathe my dog
  • Join cross-fit in mcminnville and get all pretty and skinny
  • should i buy an RV or just rent one?
  • I’d go visit my friends around the continent…or maybe the world
  • I’d go find my bio dad in the Philippines
  • We’d all get eye exams and go to the dentist
  • Don’t even get me started on computer and camera equipment!

By the end of the day I wasn’t very happy with my house or my life. I wanted to paint. I wanted to move things around in my kitchen. My big-to-me house was suddenly too small. I was destined to be fat and frumpy. My dog smelled worse. I even had a harder time going to sleep because I was fantasizing about all the things my life doesn’t have. I prayed my way to sleep, but guess what my mind was on when I first woke up? I started thinking about how I would paint my house, or rather how I would pay someone to paint my house! So, I prayed and went on to my Bible reading and devotions.

I’m still fighting those thoughts!

So that’s confession #1.

On to the next thing. (Confession #2) I really love store bought chocolate frosting. A LOT. It’s especially good on a spoon with peanut butter. It’s even better if you do that about 4 times, but after that it loses its appeal. Don’t bother asking how I know this, okay?

I have more to say, but I fear I would ramble too much and I have sourdough french bread that I need to start.