Started off hard, had a happy middle, and a difficult ending.

I ate too much and I ate crap.

I didn’t have my time with Jesus. I wallowed and complained.

I asked for prayer, but wouldn’t pray myself.

Didn’t accomplish what I needed to and now I’m up too late.

Middle of the day a friend came over to experiment with make up. It was lovely and fun. She’s altering one of my dresses…wait, my ONLY dress so I can wear it to the benefit valentine banquet on Sunday. My hair will be dashing. Her make up will be stunning. My son will be my date and I will smile.

End of day. A lying daughter refusing discipline and trying to negotiate. I don’t allow it, but the process took a long time.

Tomorrow: a baby shower and a lame valentine party. I can call it lame because I’m hosting and not prepared. Then take the boys to where they’ll be staying the night and at home it’ll be just the girls. I look forward to sleep. I told them they could sleep in my room.

I want to wallow. I want to beat myself up for telling my son that I didn’t care when he came home on Sunday and if he missed the banquet that would be fine. I lied. It wouldn’t be fine. It would hurt me.

But. I will be fine. I am going to bed to rise early even though I’m not going to get enough sleep.

After all…tomorrow is another day.