Hold up! Didn’t the groundhog indicate that Spring would be here soon. I never trusted that guy!

Last week it snowed a whole 3 inches therefore shutting down our little town in the Pacific Northwest.

I was officially housebound, though not everybody was since half the town ended up at my house. Just kidding. It wasn’t half the town, just a few of my fun friends. We ate, drank, and made merry together.

I felt kinda left out. There were 3 of them at the table working for the same company. I didn’t have a laptop to work on and I don’t work for anyone.

I ventured out a few times, but one time I got hit in face with a snowball from my sweet son. He was surprised he hit me in the head and said, “I’d thought I’d hit you in the chest.” Then he spread out his arms and said, “Ok mom. Give me your best shot. Throw one at me really hard. No really, do it.” I didn’t. I didn’t want to hurt him.