I rearranged my room last night. It started with me making my bed. I pulled my bed away from the wall a bit and saw tons of dust and dog hair. I wanted to clean that up so I moved the bed more and found more stuff hidden. Then realized that my bed skirt needed to be washed. Then I remembered that when Kelly and I lived with our friends we had a tiny bedroom and that’s why he made that shelf. (The one at the head of my bed.) I’ve been in my house 6 years and that shelf had lived right outside my bedroom door under John Marr art. It held all kids of antique sort of things that I inherited from my dad. A few days it was knocked down by a little one and I didn’t want to risk that again. It held an old sad iron and I don’t want that to hurt anyone if it happens to fall over again. So, as I was cleaning I thought, “Oh yeah, that shelf used to go between our bed and the wall.” Then I decided to move the orientation of my bed. I did have it so my bed was facing my back door/window.

After rearranging and vacuuming I got the bug to rearrange my desk, but it was too late and I had much to accomplish yet. I’ll save that for a later day…or later today.

It’s amazing how much easier it was to get out of bed at 5:30 a.m. I didn’t say easy, I said easier. Although, I must admit that when my alarm went off that I set my timer for 30 minutes as I climbed back into my cozy bed. My excuse was, “Sleeping is important” as if it’s more important that carved out time with Jesus. My eyes were closed but I saw a flash. It had been storming all night so it’s very possible that it was lightening, but perhaps I was dreaming. “Ok, if I hear thunder then I’ll actually get out of bed.” I waited for a few seconds then heard it. Thunder. Ok. I got the point. I hopped out of bed donning on my workout clothes since I’ll be working out in about an hour.

Rearranging my room makes it feel all new and fresh. Makes me want to get it all clean and keep it that way. Every little area. I think it’s also like that when I spend time praying and reading my Bible. I realize how important it is to set myself apart for Him. I see in His word how He hates sin and how He loves us. How He pursued Israel even in His anger. My eyes linger on words like compassion. Jesus was moved with compassion for the people. God describes Himself as gracious and compassionate. Kind David knew the heart of God. David was a friend of God. David was also a gigantic mess up. I used to think that I’m nothing like him, like somehow I was better. I’d think things like, “Well, look at David. Adulterer, murderer, can’t keep his household in order, his wife despises him, his children hate him. At least I’m not that bad. If he can be a friend of God, then certainly I can.” Pride. Gets me every single time. I am like him. I am no better.

David just knew how to repent. He knew he wasn’t good enough. He knew he messed up. Instead of running from God, he ran to Him.

Rearranging. Moving things around. It’s inevitable that when I rearrange I’ll find a lot of garbage. I’ll also find things that aren’t garbage, but also aren’t enriching my life in any way. In fact, it may actually hinder me from the things that are important.

It’s like that with our hearts, too.