Silence ensues when words overwhelm me.

Words, thoughts, emotions fly toward me at the speed of light. I freeze in fear of grabbing the wrong ones. What if I can’t put them together properly? What if they hurt someone? Instead, I stop writing. I stop talking, I also stop listening. I talk, just not about the deep things or I’ll pretend that they’re not deep. Perhaps I can make them look like shallow passing thoughts that don’t keep me up at night.

Actually, nothing keeps me up at night. Sleep  is a sweet escape from the scary things.

I’m sorry.

I have many swirling thoughts swimming around in a small percentage of my brain space, but I can’t seem to sort them out.

So, I will go back to listening to music while editing photos.


I will pray, “Jesus, Son of David, have Mercy on me.” That’s all my soul knows how to say right now.