In general, I haven’t enjoyed Mondays. This one has been great, though. I think it’s because my Sunday was filled with friends, laughter, and good conversation. You know the kind of good I mean? I mean where two people are talking back and forth and hearing one another. Stirring up and calming down. Feeling vulnerable yet safe. That’s a good feeling. It fills my bucket. Which is to say, it makes me feel full and happy…like a Thanksgiving dinner with my favorite people.

So, I think it sets me up for a good Monday to have a good Sunday.

I slept through my alarm. I vaguely remember thinking how awesome it was that I could turn off my alarm & not even wake up. Next time I’ll say, “Get thee behind me, satan.” Seriously. I woke up just in time to wake the kids thus not getting in my Bible reading time. I was running late practically all day, but was productive. That feels good, too.

I went to Shutterbug to order some prints. While there I found out that my friend had a baby. I felt so bad for never knowing she was even pregnant. I am going to call her soon. Really, I am.

Then I headed to Wal~Mart to pick up dog food, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. Always toilet paper.

I forgot to go to Goodwill. I still need some frames. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go to the art store for matte’s. Sigh. So much work.

Oh. I forgot to tell you, didn’t I? Maybe I did. I can’t remember if I forgot or not.

My little town of Sheridan has been doing a monthly First Wednesday event where the small businesses stay open later. The townsfolk walk around getting to know eachother. There’s food and games for the kids sometimes. This month they’re featuring the town’s artists. Last week I was asked to display some of my photos. I’m kind of pretending like I’m totally cool with it, but the fact is that I’m totally freaked out. Freaked out enough that earlier today I wanted to say, “You know what? I don’t want to hang my photos. This is a dumb idea. I don’t know what I’m doing.” I didn’t say it because I didn’t know how to do it without sounding like the 12 year old 8th grade version of me. That, and I didn’t want that 12 year old to get laughed at. Oh, and my 11 year old daughter was with me.

I’ll be displaying 5 photos that I love. I think I probably love them because 4 of them don’t exist anywhere else. I just looked at them and there is one that isn’t my favorite. So really, I love only 4. I accidentally deleted the RAW & JPEG files months ago when transferring files. So, sad.

Here’s a slideshow of a few of the photos I’ll be showing. I think I’ll have a total of at least 16 to choose from. Not sure all of them are actually good enough. Not sure what people are expecting. I want to know what they’re going to think of me or what I do. I know that I’d really like to display things more creatively, but am not brave enough to do so…or creative enough, actually. My ideas are only half ideas and I don’t want to talk about them to anyone.

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