I spent much of today working. I had several photos printed, then brought them home & either framed or mounted them. I stressed. I got mad. I didn’t yell at anybody, though.

I met this morning with my Traci & Tracy. It is always so very good to meet with them. We’ve been friends for so long. It’s like family. Our lives are growing and changing. I wonder where each of our families will be in another year. There may be a time when our 3 families no longer live close enough to meet once a week. That makes me treasure this time all the more. No matter how expensive gas is, I won’t give up my weekly T-time.

So, my tiny town of Sheridan is having its first Art Walk tomorrow. My friend convinced me to display a few photos. I said no at first, but then I said yes. Earlier this evening before I was supposed to go down to begin setting up I felt like not showing up. The only problem with not showing up is that I said I’d do it. Then if I don’t do it, my word is worth nothing. Also, it’s a slightly dramatic move. It’s what I did in junior high when things scared me or got tough. I got there and had several minutes to myself before my friends got back. I tried to pray, but all I could say is, “Father, you’ve gotta help me through this.” Then I’d wonder if I was too demanding so I’d say it again, only I’d ask in a nicer tone of voice.

I have 16 photos there.

There’s a table next to me with another photographer’s work. There’s the local newspaper office displaying photos by Susan Ragan. I know there’s several other photographers around, too.

There I go again. Comparing.

I need to sleep. I have much to do, but I’m going to go to bed. I was planning on being in bed over an hour ago.

I didn’t fail to plan, I just didn’t follow the plan.