Well, I’m not sure that they’re all that deep. I just find titles intimidating. I wonder if I’ve used one too many times and that everyone is aware of that fact except me.

Several Mondays have passed & I have forgotten to post my gratitude list. I ended on #27; I’m currently at #66. I won’t list all of those. I’ll just highlight some.

  • Friends so generously buying my glasses.
  • The round belly of a friend nurturing the life within her.
  • The hair, the toes, the tiny fingers of the newborn.
  • The joy & tenderness of new parents.
  • The gift of being able to witness the beginning days of parenthood.
  • The dark grey sky against the green of the field when the clouds part for only a moment to let the sun shine through.
  • Clean sheets.
  • Warm fires in a cold lodge.
  • The fact that God never tires of pursuing me.
  • Being carsick & not tossing my cookies in a bus load of people.
  • Free tire replacement.
  • Sage taking his discipline really well.
  • Danielle & Nichole- my new LTG girls.
  • Encouragement to display my photography in the art walk.
  • Photography job right when I need the  money.
  • God’s daily grace given so freely.

holy experience