That’s how I feel today. I don’t know why.

Yesterday was a good day. In fact, it was a really good day.

I didn’t stay up too late. I didn’t sleep in too late, either. I just didn’t want to do anything. It was my day to meet with Traci & Tracy. I didn’t want to go, but I wasn’t able to make it last week and we had to talk about our Easter plans. I knew I’d feel better afterwards.

I did feel better.

Then I went to a parenting class called Cooperative Problem Solving. I think that will be challenging since I tend to be pretty inflexible, but obviously my lack of parenting skills needs some improvement. It was good.

Strange thing is that I’ve been mildly irritable and sort of feeling like running for the hills today. I haven’t blown up at the kids or yelled. I didn’t even have to make dinner tonight.

So why am I all down and slumpy?

{A commercial on Hulu just convinced me that I need a Kit Kat. I’m too lazy to go get one, but I totally believe them.}

So, why am I even writing? Probably because I want to post every day. I didn’t post yesterday, but I totally thought I did. I guess that’s because my days run together.

I know His mercies are new every morning. So, I will head to bed and expect something better tomorrow.