I find that as I get older I appreciate them more. I don’t always appreciate the actual music, but rather the content. Other times I like the whole package.

Well, let me tell ya. A musician friend of mine recently finished a cover of A Mighty Fortress. He worked on it the entire month of April. (When I say “recently” I mean that he finished it this evening.)

It. Is. Amazing. So incredibly amazing. I am so proud of him. Go have a listen.

Head over to Lennox’s website. You sign up to join. It’s all free. Once you join, and you will want to do so, you’ll see a link in the sidebar “Joint Mission”. That’s his blog. Click on today’s date and you’ll find the song at the end of the post. Within about a week it’ll be available for download, which is also free. You can donate, I encourage you to do so.

I get to watch this guy work. He hears music from God. I’m not even exaggerating.

I am so proud. If I weren’t so lazy I’d head over to his place right now just to pat him on the back.

Oh, he raps in this song. I’ve never heard him rap. That’s because he doesn’t. This is SO worth listening to.

Dude, I’m totally going to twitter this.