Summer is here in full swing at the Taylor Tribe Headquarters. Right now 2 kids are at VBS and 2 kids are sleeping in while I plan on planning my day. Yes, you read that correctly, I haven’t planned my day, but I plan to do so.

Summer kinda scares me. There’s just SO much time to do whatever. I guess now that I don’t homeschool there is a difference in our daily routines once summer comes around. Well, I didn’t want it to just slip by. As a family, we’re pretty content with watching tv or movies on the computer and sleeping a lot. Actually, content isn’t the right word since we all start fighting after a few hours if I do let that happen!

As I surfed the net I came across several sites with some great summer ideas. Somehow I stumbled upon Junk In Their Trunk blog where I found this neat summer list! So right away I opened up photoshop, called the kids in, and asked them to start listing all kinds of summer activities. My photoshop design skills are pathetic so I got out some scrapbooking supplies and was well on my way to this:

As you can see, I put some pretty simple things on there. The aquarium trip is the one that costs the most money, but I purchased a groupon for that so it’s all good. Actually, the 4th of July BBQ will cost me more than several of those things put together so I feel pretty good about being able to accomplish the things on my list. I’ll have you know that it was Ireland’s idea for the dance party.

The other day we made playdough. I know I must’ve done such a thing before, but I can’t recall doing so. It was easier than I thought and the colors turned out marvelous. Sage and Ireland were my helpers. They had a lot of fun. I ran out of food coloring, though. I had an entire (little) box of empty bottles of food coloring. I’d like to know which one of my kids thought that was a good idea!

You can find the recipe we used here over at Andrea’s amazing blog. I’m not sure how I just found her now, but I think she’s great!

Yes, they have their game face on! Ready to rumble. Oh yes, I should mention that I bought the cheapest flour possible and labeled the jar “craft flour’. I had essential oils so I used them. The peppermint is the best. I stored the dough all in the same bag so now they all smell like peppermint.

My Sage boy stirring the blue like crazy. Hmmm, I sure hope he had his other hand on the handle!

I like that it gives them something to punch…other than each other. I guess that’s why they like to make bread, too. We haven’t been baking bread because we’ve been getting a lot of free bread, the really good kind that usually costs almost $4 a loaf. Yay for us and thank you Jesus!

Christopher wasn’t too interested in making playdough so he sat playing a game on the computer. He would’ve enjoyed making playdough, I’m sure of it.

The kids were really excited to be able to mark this off the list! The other day we did something but it wasn’t on the list and they wanted to write it on there so they could mark it off. Ahhh, kids after my own heart.