Great finds today!

I was organizing my scrapbook paper and thought, “I need one more paper holder and more dividers. Oh well.” I had no plans on buying any more. Then we go to a garage sale and find exactly what I wanted. I paid $1.75 for $28 worth of cropper hopper products.

Here’s our garage sale haul for the day:

1 paper holder
3 packs dividers
2 packs of paper files
1 purse
3 shirts for the girls
1 jewelery box
1 set of 4 ikea frames
2 rings
handmade jewelery:
1 bracelet
4 necklaces [2 for gifts]
5 pair of earrings [2 sets for gifts]
3 dutch bros. drinks [don’t judge. I do buy local, but we were in the next town and we were hot & thirsty]

All this for $36. I feel pretty good about it.

Dusty had $25 as a birthday gift from our dear friend Wanee so we went to this cute little resale shop called Brit’s Pretty in Pink in McMinnville. I highly recommend it. Dusty bought a pair of cute dress shoes, a pair of jeans, a skirt, and 2 tank tops for $25. These are all in excellent condition!

It’s been a great day with the girls. It’s funny that I’ve gotten 2 days this month with just my girls, not a normal happening.

Now, I need a nap.