Yesterday was amazing!

  • church was really good; healing to my hurting heart
  • i hosted a potluck at my house
  • it was awesome because the people who came are awesome
  • i had a time of great conversation
  • someone loaded my dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!
  • made a quick trip to the beach with a car full of people
  • walked around the beach by myself taking pictures
  • stood on the edge of a not very high cliff, but high enough that if I slipped I would fall
  • I was a little scared on that cliff. The wind was blowing. I couldn’t see well and sand is slippery.
  • levi bought us all warm drinks after we all huddled back into the van
  • we laughed a lot on the way home
  • we made funny noises with our cups
  • i asked the other levi lots of questions
  • the levi(s) are now named “FINicky and “WInicky” so we can tell them apart
  • WInicky doesn’t like music or movies. He almost had to walk home.
  • We sang songs we didn’t know the words to.
  • I’m really awesome at doing that.
  • I let Ginger off her leash. She chased sea gulls and plunged into the ocean. She loved it. I started to worry when I thought about how horrible it would be to watch her be taken away by the waves. She then thought about chasing a horse and that made me even more nervous. So then we put her back on her leash.

It was a happy heart day. A day of memory making. I think I even heard the sound of hearts being knit together.