It is a sea of boxes in my house right now and I probably need more of them. I have moved dozens of times in the past 20 years, but I have been in this house the longest and with the most kids. Moving is daunting. I forgot that part.

But guess what?
It is also freeing.

I did a pretty big declutter job this past summer. I had space on my shelves and my house looked less crowded. As I’m getting ready for this next move I’m realizing that I still have WAY too much stuff. I can’t take it all and it kind of hurts. It’s stuff. It’s not important.

Oh, but what about all those books on how to be a good wife or the perfect mom who sews and makes everything from scratch all of the time?  Homeschooling books abound in this house. I just went through my filing cabinet where I was saving all of the No Greater Joys newsletters that grew into a magazine and years worth of Above Rubies magazine. Both of those ministries have taught me a great deal on how to be a woman of God. They are valuable resources, but all those articles are also online these days. I don’t have to take up space in my overstuffed filing cabinet. I don’t go back to them any more anyway.

I want to keep the things that matter.

This is a big job. Overwhelming. Scary.

I am moving soon to a much smaller space. I am going from 1320 sq. ft. to about less than 600. Although, it’s late and my measurements may be off. I am wondering if I’m slightly insane to be doing such a thing….but here I am.

I guess God took me seriously last summer when I said that it would be ideal to reduce my belongings my half.

Here’s to simplicity. Hurrah?