This writing thing gets hard, doesn’t it? Just like sometimes photography feels like work and not fun, but then I get to have fun when I see all the results.

Track was hard in high school and junior high. I did track in the 6th grade because of a cute boy. I think I quit several times. I would leave when it got hard. I did track again in the 12th grade. There was no boy motivating me. I didn’t quit even once. It was still hard and I’d argue with my coach. I’d tell him that I didn’t need to run because I only did field events. I made it through the season and I’m glad for it. I don’t remember much from that time, but I remember the emotions I felt when I was with my team. I loved them and they loved me. I remember fun conversations and thinking that if it weren’t for track I may not have been friends with certain people.

Years later I did boot camp at Cindy’s Gym. I remember working hard just to get to the point of being able to run a mile without stopping. On our first day of bootcamp I was the very last one running from the gym out to the top of Fox Ridge Road. I was SO far behind. I was thinking of quitting, but I had spent a pretty penny to be part of this. Just then the leader, Olivia, came back to ask me how I was doing. I told her I wanted to quit. She said, “You won’t.” I looked at her and said, “I won’t? Why?” She said, “You’re not a quitter.” Then she ran off to catch up with the others. On the last day of bootcamp we did that same run. I was still last, but a really cool thing happened. I was on my way up the hill, actually on Fox Ridge when the fastest runner passed me coming down. We looked at each other with a look of surprise and she yelled out, “Great job Darlene, look at you!” I thought, “Wait a minute, did she go all the way to the top?” I couldn’t believe I had improved so much that I would be anywhere near her!

I’ve recently become frustrated by certain children who will quit when the going gets tough. I’m afraid that they won’t be a productive Jesus-loving part of society or the Kingdom in which we live. I want them to learn early the things I learned as an adult and am still learning. I want them to be SO far ahead of where I am when they’re all 37 years old.

Hard things. I think I still avoid some of those. Maybe I only take on the ones that are unavoidable. Will it hurt? Ok. Well, how about I figure out how to function without the pain. Ok, just avoid that person or that situation? I can do that. I’ll just be “busy” or act like I don’t care. Or if I think something is going to be hard in the future I start planning how I can avoid it. Maybe I’ll just cut it off before it gets there.

Maybe I make my life harder.

I read a quote today that I really liked:

God has a plan for your life. 
The enemy has a plan for you life.
Be ready for both.
Just be wise enough to know
Which one to battle,
And which one to embrace.  

Maybe it gets easier when we learn to see.