All I want to do right now is lie on the couch and watch another episode of Eureka or Fringe. I want to numb my mind.

Today has been a long and busy day. It has also been a pretty good day. Sage had 2 football games, then we came home and I took a little siesta, then we headed into McMinnville to do some shopping and drop some teens off at the high school for an event.

I was frustrated this afternoon because a certain young child wouldn’t let me take my nap in peace. I knew she was tired because she stayed up late at a sleepover the night before. This frustration lingered as the day wore on. I was more harsh with her than was necessary. I wonder how her behavior would have changed had I been gentle. Earlier in the day I came home to my teenager on the computer. I didn’t want him there. I was upset with him for a few things and let loose on him. Again, I could have approached that in a different manner. I forget that he is turning into a man and maybe I need to change the way I communicate with him.

I am tired. I keep typing words partly backwards.

I want Oreos and milk. That’s my go-to for stressful times. I’m not getting any. I wanted to stop by the store this evening on my way home, but I chose something else. I chose to go home. A small choice, really, but a powerful one.

I need sleep, but more than that, I need rest. I think that rest and sleep are equal, but I know that they’re not. I think I need to hunker down with just my family. Maybe after church tomorrow we’ll head out to Heiser Farms like we do every year. I won’t prepare the kids for it. We’ll just take off after church. I wonder if Christopher thinks he’s getting too old for it? Anyway, he’s great with doing family things even when he’s not cool with it at first.

I think that’ll be restful. Just me and my kids at the farm we’ve been going to for years. We’ll have some lunch. Take some pictures and be together as a family. Then we’ll come home and help Sage work on his poster.