I was happier today and I think it’s cuz I took a really long nap. It was about 1 1/2 hours. Crossfit wore me out this morning. I beat my PR from last week. I have the weekend to recover then we’ll see what I do next week.

Sage’s last football games are tomorrow. Yay. We have to get up stinkin’ early for those. Then I’ll work on the Blair St. house a bit before heading home to make soup for a group of us who will be watching Sing Off. We’re actually a couple of episodes behind. Perhaps if we start it early enough I can convince them to watch both episodes?

I need to sleep more. I need to get in bed, not try to watch something, and just go to sleep.

Things weren’t such a big deal today. I still have a son mad at me, but it didn’t bother me today.

My stupid, yet well-loved cat got out of our side of the house into the owner’s part and pooped in their planter. My cat may end up dead….or at least have to give him away. He’s almost 8, that would be sad. Losing this home for the sake of my cat wouldn’t make sense since I just let my other home go. Sigh. Dumb cat.