Hey hey hey! Like my title? Cheesy? Yup. Extra cheesy, I’m sure, but that’s the kind of gal I am. I like to be cheesy. I do crazy things like set goals that I never reach and start projects I don’t finish.

Hopefully this time it’ll be a tad different. I say that everytime. I’d go back through my blogs to link them here, but that would just be embarrassing.

A week or so ago I wrote about going back to Crossfit and possibly running a half marathon. Well, today I registered for the Hippie Chick half marathon. I forked over the money, so it’s pretty much written in stone.

Last week we did some before pictures. We did it on the day that I made my PR in deadlifts. It was awesome. Today I beat my PR in the push press. Also, and now here’s the big deal, I finally did a box jump. It’s a peewee box jump. It’s only about 12 inches and it took me about 10 minutes to actually do one. Lennox heard all about it from Chris and from the  look on his face it seems that it was amusing. I’d be interested to hear Chris’ version of it. I think I said, “OK” about a zillion times before I actually did it. I couldn’t do it last week so I did little step ups while the young girl next to me did way bigger box jumps. I’m not even sure how high, but I am pretty sure that I can’t move all these pounds that high unless my life was in danger.

I’m not sure what I’m thinking when I’m stepping out here once again to say things like I’m gonna lose weight, be healthy and fit, and be wonderful. I do want to do those things and I think I can. I know it’s hard and I know it’s way more than just doing all the right moves and eating all the right foods. It goes way deeper than that, it goes down to my deepest emotions and makes me question things that I’d rather leave alone.

So, I pray that God reveals to me what needs to be revealed and that He heals all my broken places.

For your amusement here are some photos from the other day.

My trainer, Chris Sarnowki, and me

My barbell after my 5th set. What’s that? Oh yeah, I’m awesome. Haha!

‘Nuff said

 I have a digital scale at home that sometimes I obsess over. This one isn’t too far off from mine.
Looking forward to the numbers declining.