No thanks. I’m not gonna post a thing a day via blog or FB of something I’m thankful for. I should. I’m just not up to the task, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t think about it. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now. Mostly, I’ve been thinking of things I used to do with Christopher to foster a grateful heart compared to what I currently do with my kids.

One year we made construction paper turkeys with multi-colored feathers. On each feather we wrote something he was thankful for. Other years we’ve done a tree of thanks where the leaves are the things we’re thankful for. I like that one the best.

Last December I wrote a post about the beginning of my 1000 Gifts. I read Ann’s book about a dare to live life FULLY right where I am. How does one do that? There’s no formula to it, my friends. We don’t have to sit around to talk about how to go about it. We just do it. We see, we hear, we feel, we live. Oh, and maybe we talk less.

This morning I talked to Christopher and Dusty about keeping our minds focused on God. We listen to music that draws us to Him. We speak words that bring glory to Him and honor one another. Mostly, we praise Him. I told them that we give thanks in ALL things.

I went upstairs and got to thinking.

Then I took out my gratitude journal and cringed when I realized that in the past 11 months I’ve only written down a little over 100 things to be thankful for. Really? That’s all? Have I not been seeing? Instead of praying for the things that I know God has already blessed me with I’m praying that my eyes would be opened to see Him. While I’ll let Him do the work of opening my eyes, I’ll turn my eyes to Him.

Sometimes when I’m feeling scared due to financial challenges I’ll remind myself of all the ways God has provided for me before. I remember best the ones that I have written down somewhere. I tell people about them and see the wonder in their eyes and remember that our God is a wondrous God; that He loves giving good gifts. Part of me quits asking because I know He’ll provide for me. Part of me quits asking because I’m tired of being the most high maintenance person in the world. I’m always needing or wanting something! Then, another part of me asks because if I don’t, I’ll never know and it’s not just me I’m asking for anymore. It’s my children and the people around me.

Ok, so maybe I will be writing down something I’m thankful for each day. I’ll search for it and wait expectantly for the next gift to come along. I love the simple ones the best.  Like the color of the dark grey sky against the yellowing field when the late afternoon golden sun peeks out for only a moment.