Will It Ever End?


A large part of my life these days consists of packing and/or unpacking boxes. Rearranging my life to fit into a small space. Turning book shelves into mini-pantries and now wondering where to put books. Mind you, I’ve gotten rid of tons of books, but it is very very important to me to have books around my house.

As I pack or unpack each box I battle with fear. I am losing the house I built with my husband and am currently renting living space from friends from church. I constantly wonder if I’m going to find myself and my children homeless. It happens. It’s recently happened to a couple of other single moms I know. I’m not immune to it.

One day at church my friend Cory came to me and said something about this move being like the Israelites following the pillar of fire. When it moved, they moved. He said this was me following the pillar. I know it can’t stay here forever, but the thought of moving again scares me.


The opposite of Love.

Trust. My friend wrote about that recently and it seems to be a theme in my life. I’ve written about it here┬árecently and I’m sure I’ve written about it several other times, as well. It’s a theme of my life. Maybe it’s a theme of everyone’s life.

Life has been turned upside down here in the Taylor household. I feel stretched very thin. I feel close to breaking, maybe even shattering. I’m trusting that God is my gorilla glue holding me together.

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