This was my facebook status at 12:11 a.m.-

I simply cannot express to you how much joy it brings me to unpack boxes of books. My place is actually starting to feel like a home now. A house without books just can’t be a proper home! Hello feisty Anne Shirley and thieving Bilbo. Wisdom with the Millers and Robert Frost. Oh, my old friends. How I’ve missed you. Oh, where to begin. Oh yeah, we’re currently reading Treasure Island and a silly little kid chapter book that I can’t remember the name of.

I have loved reading my entire life. I can’t remember ever not having a book in my hand.

Remember those boxes I wrote about yesterday? Those boxes were, and some still are, full of books, scrapbooks, and scrapbooking supplies. I wasn’t looking forward to emptying them, but the moment I began I could feel my spirit lift.

“Oooh, what’s this one?” Oh yes, The Secret Garden. Then my eyes saw the Anne of Green Gables series and Little House on the Prairie and I began to feel as though I had come home. In my 2 months here I’ve been trying to make it home for my children and I. Selfishly, mostly for myself because my kids seemed to adapt pretty well. Little did I know that what I really needed was a several shelves of books and various stacks or baskets of them lying around.

Ahh, books…what a welcome escape from real life. I remember lying on my bed covered with a smurf bedspread surrounded in books. One of my greatest joys was getting a dictionary. I’m not joking. In fact, I miss having an actual great big dictionary. It was a picture dictionary; imagine my dismay when I realized that most dictionaries aren’t adorned with the colorful art of the 70’s.

I feel like a home devoid of books just isn’t a home. I love hearing my kids ask, “Can I read in bed for a little bit?” Sometimes I have to say no, but I try not to. Books whisk you off to a world unheard of and has the ability to grow you in wisdom. I remember reading of the antics of Anne Shirley when I was in highschool. I think I stayed in my house the entire weekend reading them. When I left to walk to school the following Monday I remember stopping in my tracks at the wonder of the great oak trees dancing gently in the wind. How did I never notice their beauty before? I had known them all my life and yet, I hadn’t really known them, had I?

Reading Little Women helps me to be a little more brave when facing hard times; looking to what we do have and knowing that we will all grow up ok. Anything by Edith Schaeffer helps me to see things a little more clearly. In fact, I think I’ll start reading one of her books tomorrow.

A friend asked me what Rest looks like to me. I didn’t know at first. That’s not to say that I was silent, my mouth was moving and making sounds. However, when I realized what it was for me I heard a change in my voice and a change in my body. I said that it would be to be alone in a place where I could curl up with a book, some tea, my journal, and a smooth writing pen. I would read and sleep and probably journal along the way. That makes me happy. Guess what? Tomorrow I’ll have about 5 hours to myself to do just that.

My phone will be off. My computers will be off. I will be invisible to the world while coming more real and alive inside.