Well people, we have moved. We are no longer renting a space in someone else’s home. I am no longer in a home built by a man who no longer shares the home with me. I am renting. It’s a cute little white house with light green trim. There are bulbs of some sort popping up in the yard. We have a little firepit and a swing hanging from a tree. I have finished floors and cabinet doors, unlike my own house. The house looks small from the street, but it is a pretty good size. I also have a good landlord. That is like gold.

I’m sitting here looking out the front window while Ireland eats breakfast in our own little dining room. Christopher is lying in bed with the cat…and a computer. Sage is away on a boy scout camping trip. Dusty is doing her makeup. Christopher thinks she looks goth. He really has no idea what that would actually look like.

A friend is coming to help me unpack. I don’t even know where to put anything. I’m sure I’ll rearrange several times before settling on the exact thing I want.

I am trying to be positive. I am trying to be a good therapeutic parent. I am trying.

I have spent several weeks feeling very alone and defeated. Yesterday was better. Today I am not feeling alone.

I also know that I’ll have a break since my sister is taking Ireland and Dusty later today. Yesterday I thanked her so much for being able to do that for me once in awhile. It’s like gold. It was a really hard day with Dusty yesterday, but the awesome thing is that the whole family is united. We are for her, she may not feel that way, though. Her bio mom, her uncle, aunt, and grandma all talked with her about last night about choices they made that have affected our entire family.

Boxes are everywhere. Who knew I could have so much stuff? I even downsized before my last move. I will downsize a whole lot more.

I have new baby friend. She’s not a baby. Well, sometimes she’s not a baby. Her youngest teen son is becoming buds with my oldest son. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s new. It’s lovely to have a friend that can understand the craziness in your life and tell you that it’s all good, it’s all about God and yes, it does indeed suck sometimes!

Christopher and Ireland are playing chess. I like that. I secretly hope Ireland beats Chris.

I’m going to go unpack 5 boxes. Right now. This minute. Well, very soon. I think I’ll steal a piece of Christopher’s cookie pie that a young friend made for him.