So excited to be going to Canada. Chani and I are clueless about what to do when we get to the border guard. I REALLY wish I would’ve fired off a picture of him before noticed. We were sort of giggly. We were happy.

Chani: Um, we don’t know what to do.
Border Guard: When was the last time you were in Canada.
Me: Um, 20 years
Chani nods
BG: passports
We looks at me and says, “Put the camera down”
It was NOT even pointed at him. AT ALL.
I kind of laughed when I put it down.
I tried not to. Really.
BG: Where are you going?
Chani: Ummm, Canada
Me: Vernon, Silver Star
BG: Why are you here?
Chani: We’re going to a mom’s retreat.
BG: What do you do?
Chani: Ummm, we’re….moms
BG: Where are your children?
Chani: With their dads.

So, my memory is fading and it’s WAY more funny when we’re telling the story. It was unreal. I couldn’t believe how serious he was. I decided that if I’m ever a border guard that I’d be nice and funny. I laughed for awhile after crossing the border. What are we gonna do? Go terrorize Canada? And why would we do that? Tim Horton’s is good, but not worth causing trouble.

On the way back into our beloved homeland the friendly border guard asks us if we had any food. I forgot about the dill and ketchup chips, but I did ask him, “Um, do we need to declare our timbits?” He chuckled and said, “No.” To which I replied, “Good, but we’re prepared to stuff them in our faces right now.” He laughed.

So, who works at the border. Americans or Canadians? Are we funnier?

I have a lot of thoughts about our trip. They are not ready to be released. It was good and I want to share soon.

I loved my time with Chani a great deal. A lot. The time passed quickly, sort of. We talked a lot. We never get a chance to do that. I loved watching Criminal Minds with her late into the night.

Chani, you are a gem. True Story.