Today was truly a restful day for me and totally unexpected. I can go to bed feeling relaxed.

The plan was to take kids to OMSI and Portland Saturday Market. We’d have food packed. We’d be way too hot in the car.

However. Only about an hour before take off a friend came by to invite 2 of my kids to go to the river with him and some of his kids. I gave Ireland the choice. Go with our friend or me. She chose him, of course. I let them go. I changed our plans to go to OMSI tomorrow instead. Sage was sorely disappointed and struggled a bit with that, but he did NOT throw a fit at all.

Dusty, Sage, Ginger, and our friend Scott headed out to Blackwell park outside of Willamina. We relaxed, played in the water, talked with strangers, then came back to my place for dinner. Chicken and pasta with a little ice cream for dessert.

Here’s the miracle of today. Or at least one of them, I guess. I am not a spur-of-the-moment sort of person. I don’t like my plans changing. Usually  it stresses me out. I might pretend that I’m ok, but I’m not usually. Guess what? I was totally relaxed about today’s changed plans! Completely at ease. It’s a whole new world.

Oh, and here’s another guess what? I think it’s better this way. I didn’t sleep much or well last night and the idea of driving to Portland tired me before I had even left. Now I’ll be well-rested for our Portland trip. I’ll be happier and enjoy my kids more. We might even laugh…or I might be imagining that part.

I’m looking forward to my day with them tomorrow. I wasn’t looking forward to my day with them today because I was so tired.

I didn’t take pictures of today. It didn’t feel right to do so. I wanted to remember what I felt and experienced, not just what the camera caught.

The smell of the river made me happy; made me feel like home. It reminded me of the long days of swimming and catching crawdads. Sleeping deeply at night because the day had worn me out. There was laughter and squeals from all over the river. I sat in my chair with my dog at my feet reading short stories by Mark Twain. Okay, you got me, the dog part was an exaggeration. She did lie at my feet some, but mostly she tugged and tried to catch flies.

Oh, did I mention that today it was 100°? That’s so hot for around here. That’ll happen maybe once or twice a year. This year I wasn’t miserable. I like that.