A couple of days ago the kids and I went up to OMSI. We have a membership that’s about to expire and tickets to go see and omnimax movie or go on the submarine. [We still have enough to do one of those things again.] For this trip I chose a movie. We watched the movie Born to be Wild about 2 amazing women in 2 different parts of the world taking on wild orphaned animals and raising them to go back into the wild. My kids were in awe.

Last night at the dinner table I asked the kids what they enjoyed about OMSI. It was so much fun listening to their answers. Dusty really loved the Life Hall where she could practice balancing or jump roping. Christopher loved a lot of things. A couple of them were learning that an octopus can disguise itself as a lion fish, sea snake, sting ray, and one more thing I can’t remember. He also enjoyed learning about nanotechnology. [Of course all that reminded me of was the replicators on Stargate.] Ireland liked playing the games about food and health. I thought that was interesting. She also liked the ball room. Sage liked seeing the car body that was on display. Whenever you’d look through and move around these screen things they showed the parts bigger and would tell you about it if you wanted them to. He like the Australian bird, whose name I can’t remember, that could imitate lots of sounds including a chain saw! Personally, I enjoyed watching my kids explore. It was exasperating at times with all four of them wanting to come see something, but it was fun. I enjoyed the National Geographic Photos that were displayed. Some were absolutely breath taking.

Things are so tense in our family that it’s hard to have fun. I have to be constantly aware of triggers, that while they may not act out right on the spot, it will come later. That was evident in our car ride home. Sage started yelling at Ireland because she was touching him and she wouldn’t move whatever body part that was touching him. I can’t see back there and I don’t actually care so I just pulled over and said when there is peace in the car we will continue on home. Dusty actually played a part in the peacemaking. She offered to trade places with Sage so he wouldn’t have to sit next to Ireland, but he wouldn’t answer her so she traded with Ireland. I thanked her for being a peacemaker and told her it was a blessing. That’s a new thing.

We were at therapy and I told the therapists that I think this LENS thing is actually working. [You can follow the link. It explains it better than I do or can.] It is simply weird and amazing. I don’t even try to understand it exactly. I had just decided we need help. Our brains are wired differently and this helps to untangle some of the wiring. Here’s the thing, our life experiences affect how our brains develop. If there is trauma, injury, chronic pain, etc. it will affect how active our brain is and where that activity is happening. I’ve had 4 sessions so far and I think it’s making a difference. I am more calm than I was before. I can deal with my kids’ behaviors much better. I have seen some small improvements in Dusty. Sage has only had 2 sessions and my other 2 kids aren’t doing it. Sage became defiant immediately after his session yesterday and it lasted the whole day. That just means we’ll do less sites next time.

Hey, check out my astronaut kids!