It happened last week and it occurs to me now that maybe I should’ve taken a picture of Christopher on the couch in his pajamas. That’s what school at home looks like around here. I prefer that we both get up and get dressed, but that doesn’t always happen and I’m chill with that. Our school year has begun, commenced, taken off before I was ready. I know that I had all summer to get used to the idea of school coming around again. My heart felt torn. I’m ready for schedules and routines and some break from my kids, but not quite ready for them to be gone away from me and our rhythm of summer. Our brain exercises have hardly been done and our afterschool routine isn’t quite set into place yet. Overall, though, things are going quite smoothly. Each week, I’m trying to implement a little more into our routine.

I don’t have much to say these days so I’ll leave you with the obligatory first day of school pictures of the younger 3. I’ll have to take one of Christopher and title it: First Week or Two of School.

Dusty: 13, 8th grade

Sage: 11, 5th grade

Ireland: 8, 3rd grade