I’ve been listening to piano music by David Nevue this morning. His song, “The Gift” especially moves me. I’m not sure why, but I only know that my heart comes alive with feeling when I hear it.

Listening. What a hard thing to do. To really do.

It feels like when I really listen to God and hear Him then life feels so much more real. I’m not just bumbling along in life trying to merely survive until my death or His return. I feel like He asks hard things of me, but I almost always end up saying yes to Him. How can I not?

I say yes and He brings life. I don’t know that will look like, but I know He is good even when really bad things happen. I know I cannot be separated from His love even when I do some pretty rotten or just plain foolish things. I know His plans for me are good and not evil even when the hard thing He asks of me hurts.

I read a quote by Ann Voskamp that says something like, “Even when we are broken, we battle onward.” Broken. Must we always be broken? I think so. I think that only when we are broken and at the end of our own selves is when He comes in making us whole and wholly dependent on Him.