Small representation of my story…


Friday’s post inspired me to look deeper into my past. Well, not much deeper. I just started remembering things or bits of things. Then in church today I started remembering  more stories of when I was small. I wondered if I’d ever write about them. What would be the purpose of certain stories? Would they bring glory to God? Would anyone be encouraged in their walk with the Father?

I started looking at old pictures, then I dug out my old journals. It is discouraging in some ways. There are certain areas I’ve always struggled with. Yet, there are also pages full of encouragement because I can see how for I’ve come on this journey.

This morning in church Jim, our pastor, talked about some of the things we went through last year and some of his vision for the coming year. The story of what’s happening intrigues me. I want to hear how everyone has interpreted this last year. I want to know how they see the church body. Are they satisfied? Please, for the love of God, say that you’re not satisfied and that you hunger for something deeper. I want to hear about the adventure we’re all on together. Where are you? Are you being risky? And by risky, I mean that in a very wholesome way. Although, if you’re being risky in a not-so-wholesome way and maybe you need to find your way back home I want to hear that, too.

So much is stirring. There are words swirling around in my head that I keep running into.

Surrender. Sacrifice. Sanctification. 

It started with the first word, Surrender. I knew what I had to give up. It was specific and it was scary. I laid it down. I prayed about it. I tried to cry about it. Then I gave it up. Sacrifice. I think I’m in the Sanctification process. I also don’t think that you make through these 3 steps and you’re golden. I think it just keeps going. 

We are being called to something deeper.

What does this look like? What does living a life of Surrender, Sacrifice, and Sanctification look like?

I want to know. I really want to know. I know there will be some hurt involved, but hurt is already part of our life. I want to be totally sold out on this walking with God thing. I want to see His Kingdom here. I want to see people made whole.