Bea and Dusty getting applesauce ready to go into the waterbath canner.

Autumn is here. I know that it’s tradition to Spring clean, but I always get  more of the bug in the fall. I think it’s because we’re getting ready to hunker down for the wet winter. It’s harvest time, which means it’s preserving time. It’s been years since I’ve canned. This year I was given pears, apples, and plums. We also have a pear tree out behind our house and I couldn’t just let those go to waste. We now have some pearsauce, applesauce, dried plums, and pears waiting to be canned next week. I plan on trying to gather as many free fruits as I can. Apples and pears grow in abundance around here, so it isn’t too difficult to do so!

My kitchen is full of dirty dishes and the fruit flies are in fruit heaven. Right now they’re mostly hanging around my kombucha, though.

Ireland is outside squealing with her friends.
Sage is backpacking with some friends of ours.
Christopher has begun Nutcracker rehearsals.
Dusty is wandering around the house and yard being bored.

I’m about to set my timer and start cleaning. I tried to use last Saturday as a “do nothing” sort of day, but it all backfired. I ended up feeling discontent and unsatisfied, which isn’t restful at all. If I remember correctly, there were grouchy kids involved in that mix, too. This time I decided there would be some relaxing and doing nothing involved, but not to the extent of last week. I also won’t order my kids around and try to get things super clean. I will do what needs to be done, but mostly I will rest my mind. I won’t think of the things that stress me out.

I will focus my mind on the things of God.

I will take the time to listen for His voice in the hubbub of life. I will stop to jot thoughts down in my journal. I will pray to the One who holds all this in His hands. I will go to His word. I will write down how He blesses me daily.

Pears – friends – 2 weekends away in October – apples – the ability and the equipment to can – words of friends to bless me