Things are changing around here. I’ve felt this thing inside for awhile. How I don’t want some normal life here. I remember living more like that when I was younger. Spreading the news about Jesus flowed out of me everywhere I went. I remember going to some public place and a person I didn’t know said I was glowing. I told her about Jesus.

We want revival or we say we do. Then we tell people about Him. I don’t mean standing on a soapbox on a street corner. I don’t know what it will always look like. But I know my house is often filled with kids who don’t know Jesus from the age of 3-18. I know that the woman who wrote the One Thousand Gifts book was introduced to Jesus by an older woman who held the Good News Bible club in her home. I know that when I made dinner the other night, the young twin was by my side the entire night. He was hungry, but not for enchiladas. I didn’t know what to say. He chose to be with me over playing with the kids. He waited until I was ready to go for a walk before they left. I don’t know why this one was so drawn to me on that day. The woman who founded an organization battling sex trafficking told a story. She said how she was telling these girls who had been shipped over from Europe in a shipping container. 1/2 of the girls died in that container because of lack of oxygen. She’s telling them about our Jesus who redeems and a girl pipes up saying, “If what you say about your God is true, why didn’t you come sooner?”
Why didn’t you come sooner? 
Indeed. Why are we not taking this place by storm? Why aren’t we actively working to abolish slavery? Drugs. Drunkenness. All the things that makes a person a slave. Didn’t HE come to seek and save the lost? Were we not commanded to do what He did?
I don’t want an ordinary life. I want to see Him in the mundane. He is there. Then it makes it less mundane, doesn’t it?
We read about it, we talk about it, we hear about it. Is this Kingdom growing? It isn’t about numbers of warriors, it’s about who is going to live and who is going to die.
What does this mean? What is God asking of me right  now in this life I live in my tiny house in this broken town?