Last Friday, a week ago,  was my 38th birthday! I’m almost 40. Good thing I did away with the idea of 40 things I wanna do by 40. Now I pretty much just want to bake, take pictures, snuggle my dog, love Jesus, and raise my kids. I was tempted to say that I don’t have high aspirations, but do you realize how hard actively loving Jesus and doing a good job raising my kids is?!?

My dear, dear friend Chani booked us a room in a little beachfront motel called Westshore in Lincoln City. We loved this place. I loved it WAY more than when my friends and I stayed at the Marriot the weekend before. Our “room” actually had 2 bedrooms – each with a queen bed. Chani’s bed had a memory foam mattress! We had a full kitchen, living room with a futon, fireplace, large flat screen tv, a bathroom (of course) and a huge window facing the beach! Incredible. We couldn’t keep the fire going, but it looked nice while it lasted. I think we’ll need to work on our fire building skills for next time.

For dinner we headed over to Collage Foods, a fabulously friendly diner with amazing food.  We felt like we had just sat down in someone’s dining room and they served us really good food. It was homey and cook is so friendly. Chani and I couldn’t decide on what to get so we ordered 3 entrees and split them. We took 2 of them back to our motel to enjoy while watching crime television. My favorite was the gluten cashew loaf with roasted potatoes and steamed veggies served with a marvelous mushroom gravy. Hey, I don’t even like mushrooms, but I couldn’t get enough of that gravy! We also ordered a lasagna casserole, but instead of the pasta noodles it was served with layers of portabella mushrooms. It wasn’t my favorite. I could’ve used more cheese and less black olives. There is a little Nepali restaurant right next door that you can order from as well. I forget what kind of soup we ordered. It was some sort of dahl with Tibetan bread, I think. I could eat that pretty much every day.

After we took our food back to our lovely motel, we got into our pj’s and watched an NCIS marathon without any interruptions. We talked. We were silent. We were just together. And it was lovely.

The next morning I woke up, stuck my head out the window, and took pictures of seagulls and surfers.

Lovely gluten loaf!
Chani and I with our lovely cook at Collage Foods!