Spring is on the way!

But first, we’re heading back to December.

New Year’s Eve.

I already knew that 2013 was going to be a year like none other. I knew that I’d be moving forward, I just didn’t know what that would look like. It was time to let go of some things.  So, I made the choice to do just that…starting the next day, of course. Several weeks after this I was talking with a good friend and I told her that I had to make a choice between an anchor and a sail in my life. I didn’t think of it that way when I decided to live something different, but I think it’s so fitting.

Here’s a strange thing, though. I am finding myself missing the anchor that had me bound. I don’t understand that. I never miss things like exercising or going to bed early. I miss things that harm me like too much pizza and banana splits. Oh how I miss banana splits!

All I could really think about on New Year’s Eve is how I want to live something different that what I had been living. I wanted something more. More healing. More peace. More fun with my kids. More money. Deeper friendships, even though that means being vulnerable and getting hurt. More of whatever God has for my children and I.

I am no longer satisfied with this life of barely surviving. 

In the very early days of 2013 I was standing at my sink doing dishes when I declared something like, “Ok God. I believe You are still good and You are still my provider. I believe you want healing for my kids. I think it’s time that You want to provide for me through me getting a job and I know  you’ll give me the perfect one for my family. I’m up for anything you throw my way. Anything.” It’s only now occurring to me what a scary prayer that is.

Then something happened that has been a total game changer.

On January 4th I got a message from an old friend, Matt, on facebook saying, “Darlene! Are you gonna join us in iLA? Make-a-da-money?” What IS he talking about? So, of course we had to chat on the phone to find out what it was.

To be continued…