I’m big on stories. I think all the time about the story of my life: the past, the present,, the future. I think about what kind of story my life will be when I reach the end of my days on earth.

“Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities.” Luke 19:17

I think that means something different to me than it did before. Living well and being faithful no longer means surviving and accepting that I have a hard and crappy life and that I must’ve either done something really wrong to have to live this way or I’m freaking awesome and God knows I’ll keep plugging away.

Every day I’m learning more about me. It’s HUGE to me, the discoveries I’m making. It’s hard to be real about that because I think it’s stuff everyone else knows already and I’m just learning. I don’t really share much about that.

I feel sad today. My very old blog on homeschool blogger is no longer there and it wasn’t backed up. Some of that was over 7 years old. We chased turkeys, homeschooled, and seemed so happy. We were a small family of 3 back then.

My friend said, “You have been released from years of baggage in one fell swoop that you were not strong enough to withstand before now.” Maybe, but right now it just makes me sad.

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