Today’s prompt from the Story of My Life May challenge is to educate the readers about something I know. My first thought was, “Um, yeah, what do I know that I’d want to share with people that would also be interesting?” I kept thinking that I don’t know anything.

I woke up this morning feeling kind of down. Well, more than just kind of. I felt overwhelmed and steeped in chaos. Then I felt guilt because I know I am so very blessed. I was sitting on my couch feeling emotional and down. My house is a mess, I have bills to pay, I was feeling inadequate.

Then I remembered FlyLady. Have you heard of her? A very long time ago I learned about her and started implementing some of her great advice. The one thing that has stuck with me is that there was a time in her life she was so depressed that she was admitted into a mental hospital. While she was there they made her get up every day, get all the way dressed, and put on lipstick. That prompted me to make think of things that I do to get myself out of a slump.

What I wanted to do was text a friend and say how horrible I was feeling, but that doesn’t actually change anything. So, I began to write in my journal and hum a song that starts off with, “When my heart is overwhelmed, I will not be afraid”.

Then I made my list. Sometimes I call it “My Very Unrealistic List”. It’s ok, the purpose of this one was to just get all these things down and on paper. I didn’t do all of these and I knew that would happen. Today, I was ok with that. I did get plenty of them done, though.


Once I started waking up my kids I just thought, “Ok, this is it. I’m gonna do this. Wait, I AM doing this.” I made my bed, got dressed in something not frumpy, put my hair in a pony tail (how on earth do I make it so my hair isn’t frizzy???), and took a kid to school. (Which is a bummer since the school is only a few block away but she’s come home late smelling like cigarettes about a zillion too many times.)

 You know what else I like? Incense. I’m kind of picky about it. I like Nag Champa and Vanilla. I chose vanilla today. My house actually smells like my dog who really needs a bath and I need to vacuum our furniture. I’m kinda grossed out by that. I walked in and thought, “Oh, my house smells like so-and-so’s house. Weird. Oooh, it’s dog.” I usually only bathe my dog after she’s had too much fun rolling in some sort of feces outside. It’s been awhile, thankfully!

 Now, I’ve gotta put on music. When my heart feels like it did this morning there’s only one thing that works. Kirk Franklin. I decided to start with his album Hero, then The Fight of My Life, and finally Hello Fear. It’s a journey and like journeys.

 I’ve fallen off the eating well wagon the past few days and yesterday I felt so horrible. So, this morning, I reached out to some other women who are on this same walk with me. I needed their support even though I’ve never actually met them. Then I made my yummy shake with strawberries, bananas, mandarin oranges, ice, water, and IsaLean Pro. So yummy.


My day went on and it wasn’t perfect, but I am good. Those ladies I shared with earlier today about food issues virtually surrounded me and said, “Hey, you can do this!” I did the intro for a company conference call and I think I have improved since I did my last one 2 weeks ago, that feels good. I didn’t get my whole house clean, but my kitchen is clean and our hearts are happy. I am excited at all the changes my family has made in the past year. There have been some HUGE changes.

I guess that this has really turned into a rundown of my day. What I really wanted to get across is that I am really good at pulling myself up by my bootstraps and putting on my big girl panties.

  • I know who to turn to. Jesus. I took time to journal and not only listen to worship music, but to actually worship. 
  • Not only do I think of things getting better, I actually put some action behind it.
  • I do something rather than nothing!
  • I used to take days or weeks to get out of a slump and I’d only do well for about a day, it took me about 45 minutes to choose something else and do something about it.
  • Get help. Reach out to real people. I can do that now. Barely.

Have a heart and go read some more blogs in the May challenge where you’ll learn how to NOT do laundry, make denim bows, become a pro-photographer, procrastinate and a large number of other skills. I didn’t link to all of those because I don’t have time and I didn’t read them, I just looked over some of the titles.