…then you shall have it.

I’ve rewritten this post so many times and one word keeps coming back to me.


Practice it. Live it. Extend it to others.

  • When you see that tired and grumpy checker at the store, smile sincerely at them and make some conversation.
  • See that mama over there with her kids hanging off the cart? She’s so tired, she can’t function. Yay for her that she got out of the house today. Smile at her, too, and let her know it’s alright. {Do not tell her to cherish those moments. She certainly doesn’t need to.}
  • A driver cuts you off, maybe they’re a jerk or maybe they’ve received bad news. Or both.

I am not a gracious person. I am harsh with my children and I judge women by their hair, makeup, and eyebrows. Myself included.

I will be a woman who extends God’s grace to the souls around me. I want people to feel the touch of the Father that loves us so when I have an encounter with them. I know that doesn’t always happen. I’m distracted, tired, in a hurry like everyone else.

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